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               EEM (8085) LAST YEAR PAPERS OF SEMESTER 3RD Microprocessor (8085)


As we all know in 2021 the syllabus of EEM was changed a little bit. we have some old years paper by which you can make an idea about the important exam questions. these old year papers are not available anywhere in the market that's why I am posting EEM Last Year Papers.


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 Marks : 30

 Attempt Five questions in all, selecting at least one question from each unit.

               Q. No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.


1(a) Give comparison between SUB and CMP. (1)

(b) Explain opcode and operand in an instruction.  E

 (c) If carry slag is zero, then show that RAL instruction produces a multiplication of accumulator contents by a factor.

 (d) which single instruction allows you add two double byte numbers ?

                                                                                                              (1.5 x 4 )


                                                                    Unit 1


2. (a) Discuss the functions of program counter, stack pointer and status flags in the architecture of 8085 microprocessor.                                                     (3)

(b) Briefly discuss the signals HOLD and HLDA of 8085 microprocessor. Also discuss the role of Address Buffer.                                                                 (3)


3.) Discuss the function of the various control signals of 8085 microprocessor needed for the operation of its CPU.                                                             (6)


                                                                 Unit II


4.) Discuss various addressing modes of 8085 microprocessor and give at least one example of each addressing mode.                                                                 (6)

5.) Explain the following instruction with suitable example

(i.) LDA address

(ii) MOV reg,

(iii) ANA data

(iv) CMC

(v) .INC address

(vi) JPO address. 

Unit III


6.) Write an Assembly Language Program for 8085 for multibyte (N bytes) subtraction. The number of bytes (N) is stored in 2100 H location. The minuend bytes are stored in the memory locations starting at 2101 H and the subtrahend bytes are stored in the memory locations starting at 2201 H. The answer should be stored in the memory locations starting at 2101 H.                                        (6)


7 (a) Write a delay subroutine to introduce a time delay of 10 in sec. The clock frequency is 2 MHz. Assume any number of T states for the instructions used. 3

(b) Explain CMP and CPI instruction.

(c) Differentiate between the instruction ADC and ADI


                                                                   Unit IV

8 (a) Define stack, stack pointer and describe their uses                                 ( 3)

 (b) Explain, how PUSH and POP instructions are being executed.                    (3)

9) Explain, how CALL and RET are executed.                                                      (2)

2 Write a program for uP 8085 that multiplies two Hex numbers 890 and 02 and store the result in memory.


This EEM 8085 paper is of year 2018 and more 8085 original KUK papers are available to read CLICK HERE

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