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Soldering Flux Is Harmful – WHY?

                               WHY SOLDERING FLUX IS HARMFUL

Hello, guys here I have some most preferred links and you can go through them to buy these soldering fluxes.


 As we know Soldering is the need of every electronics college and a school student. because through this we can make all basic and complicated circuits. These all are the most liked solder pastes and liquids.

Liquid soldering flux: 


Using a liquid flux is an advantage as you think before but it is not. Because using a liquid soldering flux can make your soldering joints dry and can fill them with acid.
Due to having acidic behavior of this flux, this is not preferred very much In SMT soldering. Here I am not saying that is bad or not useful. Just try this one which I am suggesting to you. You’ll see that how it works.
Also, this type of flux is not good for health because of a very bad smell. So always use a fume extractor while using them, also read the warning message which is typed on them for all precautions. CLICK HERE to buy this soldering Liquid flux.

Soldering paste (AMTECH):



This is a very popular one which I am suggesting to you because I am using this since 2020 and most of the soldering can be done using this flux. Especially this one has a low melting point, this one is made for SMT soldering.
Since the price of this product is very high in the online market and they don’t serve you the better one so I found a good website, you can buy this flux paste by CLICK HERE.


1)  Why should we have to use the paste instead of liquid, even using liquid is a more convenient way to do soldering?
: usually, we see that most of the electronics technician use only paste to do soldering, it may be SMT or simple bridging one.
Because this is less harmful and we don’t get any bad smell and inside the lab, this is most important.
If we don’t use a fume extractor then you must die soon. The fumes are so harmful, if we exhale them then they directly put an effect on the heart and lungs.

·      Some more preferred soldering paste and their purchasing link

  Quick fix:


This is mostly used by some Indian electronic technicians because this is very easy to use and the price is very low and this MADE IN INDIA. This is a 20-gram pack for just rupees 10. CLICK HERE TO BUY ONLINE.
This is made of resin which is extracted from trees, this is a natural one but have it also give harmful fumes.

Noel Soldering flux:


This is a high-quality flux which is used to make perfect joints and the price for this is not too much. This is not available in the offline market. We can buy this by CLICKING HERE. This is about a 10gram pack in just rupees 20.

Soldering tinning paste:



I never used this one but online sellers made a hype that this is the better one. I never tried this one so this is also looking pretty good in the picture and this is of the 50-gram pack in just rupees 16+ shipping charges. To buy this one CLICK HERE.

WELFIX Soldering flux:


This is the one that looks like a quick fix and quality I also same. This comes in a 15gram pack in just rupees 10. We can also find this one in offline stores. Although here is the link for this one, CLICK HERE to buy.


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