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Homemade Spy camera electronics project for school and college students


Homemade Spy Camera Electronics Project For School and College Students

Hello guys, we are going to discuss here about Homemade spy camera. many college and school students need a cool project to show in exhibition. If you are trying to make this camera yourself then this article is only for you.


Homemade spy camera

1/4 Cmos 640X480 USB Camerawith Collapsible Cable for Raspberry Pi

1/4 Cmos 640X480 USB Camera with Collapsible Cable for Raspberry Pi is a compact size and easy-to-carry one. With a retractable USB cable, it provides great convenience for use. What’s more, it supports 300k pixels and has a USB 2.0 port for convenient use, is really a plug-and-play device. Though small, its max resolution reaches 640 x 480. Thus, this camera is quite suitable for RPi smart cars, robots, etc.


8085 addition program examples

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1.     Supports 300k pixels, a maximum resolution of 640×480, and VGA/ YUY2 packed formats

2.     Dimension: 40mm × 15mm × 30mm; designed for Raspberry Pi and PC

3.     With a retractable USB cable, convenient to store

4.     Applies USB 2.0 High-speed Sensor, plug-and-play, no driver installation

5.     High definition and true colour images.

6.     CE, Rohs compliant, windows and vista approval.

Firstly, we will discuss about the homemade spy camera after that there are many alternatives to do this project. I will tell you main things which are needed in this project and all about the microcontrollers that we need to make this awesome camera project.

Things needed are also described in this video which is uploaded on this YouTube channel and this is the main things:

1) Camera :

Homemade spy camera

camera should be of more than 2mega pixels and should have connecting wires main cameras for this project are shown below

Here we need a USB camera to make sure that we can go further on this project and I will give you some links of best and cheap cameras which are available online. A USB camera is needed here because we will connect this camera to our microcontroller for the input and output and main thing is that we can also check it with our smartphone.

Esp camera: 

Homemade spy camera

to make a wireless connection between the user and camera we need this Esp-camera module. This is capable of giving a good image quality with face. this is one and complete package for the students to make an own spy camera for their science project.

 Basic Mistakes done by our students and by every hobbyist:

1) Use of old mobile camera: 

here we did not need old mobile camera because mobile camera has more than 24 pins and this is not capable of doing this kind of things.

2) Without microcontroller:

 we cannot make a USB camera without micro-controller, even no-one cannot make. because it needs a triggered pulse to control and without any microprocessor it is not possible.

3) Which microprocessor: 

The biggest and scaring thing is that how to program this microcontroller and how to make a programmer for this camera.

I think these are very common mistakes made by every person while making this one.


2) Micro-controller: 

Homemade spy camera

To on/off and taking pictures we need a dedicated microcontroller with a good processing power. Some USB cameras have their own MCU (Micro controller unit) inside in smd format but for some camera modules we need Arduino (atmega328p) and raspberry Pi.

They have their own programs and also, we can change the codes for them. Yes, I will also provide the code below

3) Power supply:

 power supply of +5volts is needed to run the microcontroller board and camera. we can also use 3.7volts or a power bank to run this camera

4) Data Cable: 

here we also need A data cable to transfer data between the devices and we can use USB 2.0 port for this which is available easily. If we want to run this camera with our smartphone then the ports may vary to micro-USB or C-type port.

Now after giving this all information I will give you ideas that how to build a camera in budget and with proper specifications.

1)     BUY :

if we really don’t need any Diy project then just go for an online shopping I am giving you a list of cameras which was also used by me. CLICK HERE TO BUY

2)     Diy (do it yourself):

to show this project in exhibition we need proper components and also external micro controllers this may be vary for Raspberry pi and Arduino. I will list the things below for each of the.


ESP camera: 

Homemade spy camera

ESP camera Is worth rupees 700 in online market and price may vary in different sites but I will suggest you the best one to buy this CLICK HERE TO BUY ESP- CAMERA


Esp camera specifications: It is really a home spy robot-camera, only we need a good WIFI connection and a power adapter of micro-USB 5volts to run and this IOT project sends the images and videos in our smartphone or laptop. Only we have to connect the IP Address of camera with our smart phone.

This camera can send the photos in 480p to 720p and videos in face recognition mode. Also, we can easily made this for night vision by adding few IR Led (INFRARED LED).



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